Sky Ranch

Overview & Location

Civitas Resources has an oil and natural gas project occurring along Hayesmount Road. The development, named Sky Ranch, is scheduled to have seven wells, which will run westbound more than a mile below the surface following our rigorous safety protocols and best management practices.

sky ranch map
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Best-in-Class Operations and Mitigation

Civitas Oil & Gas leads the industry in innovative technological advancements, environmental stewardship and dedication to the communities where we live and operate. Some of our Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the Jamaso pad will include:

Group 3826

Erection of sound walls around the location prior to the commencement of drilling, to remain until the completions phase is completed.

Group 3828

Use of a downcast lighting plan to minimize disturbance.

Group 3830

Use of a closed-loop fluid management systems to reduce emissions and odor.

Group 3833

Installation of a hard-surface apron and technology to suppress dust.

Group 3836

Use of a temporary lay-flat water pipeline to reduce truck traffic during pre-production.

Civitas Resources Is A Dedicated Colorado-Based Company

With 350 Colorado employees, Civitas Resources serves as Colorado’s largest operator with assets based only in the state. We’re Colorado’s first carbon neutral operator on both a Scope 1 and Scope 2 basis. Any carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere because of Civitas operations has been balanced by an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide being removed with an optimization of reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and through the purchase of carbon offsets and renewable energy credits.

Latest Technologies Deployed In Colorado Further Minimize Impacts

Our Sky Ranch development serves as one of latest, most advanced projects aimed at limiting impacts. For example, the use of pipelines significantly limit truck traffic to and from the site to minimize dust and air quality impacts. Additionally, the site also deploys quiet, electric drilling fleets that severely reduces noise levels and again, reduces impacts on air quality.

Colorado’s Oil And Natural Gas Workers Have A Strong History Of Protecting Our Surface And Sub-Surface Water Sources

All Colorado water sources are protected by some of the strictest regulations in the world. For groundwater protection, Civitas uses industry-supported redundant safeguards to insulate the wellbore including alternating steel and cement casings, following state regulations. It’s also important to understand that the horizontal portions of the wellbores will be 7,000-8,000 feet below the ground surface, which means that more than a mile of impermeable rock separates the horizontal wellbores from any aquifers or water sources.

Safeguarding Our Air Quality And The Health Of Our Neighbors

In 2017, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment took over 10,000 air emissions samples near well pads and all fell within health guidelines. Other studies have found higher emission levels within 500 feet of a well pad but data shows emissions outside of 500 feet remain within health guidelines. The proposed development east of Aurora is outside of 2,000 feet from the closest home and miles away from most homes.

Mineral Rights Owners Who Lease Or Don’t Lease Their Subsurface Property Will Not Be Held Liable For The Company’s Actions

Mineral rights owners can choose to lease their property or choose to be statutorily pooled, if the operator secures more than 45% of the leasehold. Either option will provide value to mineral rights owners to realize their investments without any associated environmental liability. Claims that mineral rights owners consenting to lease their minerals somehow illustrate support or opposition to oil and natural gas development, or are associated with some legal liability, are patently untrue.

No Data To Suggest Impacts To Property Value As A Result Of Nearby Oil And Natural Gas Development

There is no data to support that development impacts property values when it isn’t within view of the homes. In fact, “Ballotpedia undertook a study and found no definitive evidence that fracking negatively impacted home values and sales across seven counties in Colorado in 2015.” Additionally, two active oil and gas development areas in Broomfield and Weld counties serve as the state’s two fastest growing counties. In fact, Weld County, which represents 80% of the state’s oil production, served as the state’s fastest growing county in 2019 according to the Census.

Any Additional Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about this proposed development. You can reach us via email at, by phone 720-279-9842 or by using the below contact form.